How To Transform Your Small Business

If there is anything common to small businesses, it’s the challenges associated with having to wear multiple hats and creating an image that gives clients and prospects the confidence to work with you. Maybe you’re just starting out or maybe you’ve been at it for some time. Either way, you know the reason you became a business owner. Maybe it was the freedom and flexibility you envisioned having ‘being the boss’ and having your own business. Maybe it was having the opportunity to do what you love to do and energizes you. 

Likely the reality set in soon after you started your business and you found that all too much of your time was spent doing things you didn’t really enjoy doing and things that weren’t maximizing your value to the company. You also found that you weren’t seeing the number of opportunities you expected and you weren’t sure why. 

If we take a step back and think about our business, likely there are a few simple things that could be done to make an improvement. Those simple things can often make a big impact and be the start of something much larger. 

That was the case for a small electrical contractor business. Too many things to do that were keeping Tony, the owner, away from what he enjoyed doing and what made the biggest contributions to his bottom line. Taking his own calls was just one thing that seemed a reasonable thing to do since he didn’t have an assistant and “no one could know his business better than him”. One day however, too many interruptions made him think about what he could accomplish if he didn’t have to answer the phone. He also wondered if there were opportunities he was missing when he missed a call. That’s where his journey started. (Hear directly from Tony.)

If any part of Tony’s story sounds familiar, read how he not only eliminated interruptions but also transformed his business and life. The same thing can happen to you and your business. Don’t be afraid to try. 

To start your own journey or learn more about how to improve your business and life, contact Intelligent Office – Bloomington at 952-252-8600.

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